Coe College Women's Soccer Camps




Coe College Women’s Soccer 

Training Methods & Philosophy



The starting point for all things done in and out of training is our program’s vision of the game.  What do we want our game to look like?  We are a progressive, possession-based team that values the ball as a tool to manipulate opponent’s with the pursuit of penetration and the creation of goal scoring opportunities.



At any time - our student-athletes and coaches should be able to ask, “Why are we doing this?”  For our program - that is the bedrock of our player-centered learning environment.  We work in an efficient learning environment that gets the most out of each session.  The college schedule is demanding for players both mentally and physically.  We are dedicated to making each session purposeful - no wasted time on exercises that don’t relate to our vision of the game.  


Tools of Application

Ball - The ball is at the center of our work.  We want players playing the game and making decisions relative to the demands of the game.
Rondo - Daily part of our training environment.  This is part of our playing culture.  The value in maintaining possession and the work to win back possession is the starting point for our vision of the game.
Positional - When, where, and why?  Our exercises are related to those three questions from a positional standpoint.  Our exercises create opportunities for players to relate the technical and tactical demands of their specific role within our game model.
Repetition - We find value in repetition.  Players are challenged to continually tighten the execution of techniques, sharpen decision-making, and recognize patterns in our game model.  Repetition provides our players the experience and in-game comfort when asked to solve the problems the game presents.